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About the Founder & CEO


Alex Zemianek is a full-time dad, husband, and owner of JZ Properties and JZ Vacation Rentals. Over the past decade, Alex has built his businesses on the foundational value of family, allowing him to scale the business to seven figures.


Alex was always an entrepreneur, even at a young age. He borrowed his parent’s lawn mower and went around to every neighbor in the neighborhood, knocking door by door, earning new business cutting lawns, until he was able to put enough money aside to purchase a faster riding mower that could eventually speed up his production and profitability.

At age 20, Alex received the most devastating call of his life. A call that nobody ever wants to receive. His father had suffered from a sudden heart attack while at work. It was at that devastating and tragic moment that the reality of life settled in and it forever changed his outlook on life. He started taking life more seriously and realized that life really is “too short”. His father had worked so hard his entire life to save for retirement, while also designing his dream home on a well-known lake, the “Lake of the Ozarks”. Unfortunately, a higher power had a different plan for him and his life was taken at the young age of 52. At the time of his death, they had just begun the demolition phase for the lake home that his father and mother had designed.

Following his father’s passing, and with the support of the most incredible mother in the world, Alex made the decision to continue his father’s passion for real estate. After reading “Rich Dad Poor Dad” the light bulb was ignited and his real estate investment journey began. At 20, he started a career with AT&T working in a mall kiosk selling AT&T’s services. Within six months he was promoted to Store Manager and within two years was promoted again to lead the largest store in the company. Two years later, Alex became the #1 District Manager in the company, and after nine years of loyalty to the company, he proudly resigned as the #1 Regional Manager in the Nation.

Alex knew then that the only way to reach true financial freedom was to take action into your own hands. With that enthusiasm, he started his first business and began creating what is now a seven figure organization. He named the company after his father – Kevin Joseph Zemianek, or KJZ Investments, LLC, which has since evolved into JZ Properties, LLC. “JZ” is the middle and last initials of 3 generations of Zemianeks.

In his new role as the proud Owner of JZ Properties, LLC, Alex enjoys the freedom to spend more time with his beautiful and extremely supportive wife, Molly Zemianek, and his amazing kids Mason & Mila. Outside of his family, Alex most enjoys the opportunity he has created to change the lives of others around him as he has forever changed his own. When he’s not glued to his laptop managing his investment business, he spends numerous hours each day mentoring other investors, and holds a true belief that the only thing that feels better than achieving a goal is inspiring someone else to reach theirs.

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